weight reduction , strength & endurance to muscle  ,self defense , helps in building stamina & over all health & fitness , courage , confidence , relief from stress , reduce risk of heart diseases , discipline , self control , respect , calmness .combination of martial arts techniques & heart pumping cardio guaranteed to burn calories .

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stamina breathing stamina & muscle stamina , breathing stamina is important to fight 2 mins or more rounds and recover in between rounds .muscle stamina comes with repetitions and strength training . 

Never Give up , show respect to all .

Feb 2020

whether you are looking to increase strength , confidence coordination or you are just after kickass cardio workout . Amit Lalwanis kickboxing will keep you coming back for more .kickboxing class is a combination form cardio conditioning and elements of dance to self defence , martial arts and one on one competition . Absolutly love the rhythm and vibe of the class , Amit as a instructor provides excellent tips and suggestions to ensure we avoid injury and get most from the class experience ..He is extremely reliable and punctual is always stepup and ready to start training ahead of time with an exercise routine planned , i would just say witness the fitness .

Muaythai art of eight limbs (fist , knee , elbow , shin ) popularly known as thai boxing  , National sport of Thailand ,dynamic , versalite & extremely effective form of self defence , very popular in thai countries ,big gyms & stadiums excellent facilities in bangkok for muaythai . Hard form of martial arts .Intense dynamic & effective pad work , to sharpen speed , power , reactions also a calorie burner . in olden days considered to be a battlefield skill now regarded as a sport .Muaythai has different styles . use of elbows and knees to great effect .Muaythai has lot of physical and mental benefits .come train with us we will help you to achieve your goal whatever your goal may be fitness , self defence or learning martial art .

Dr Vishal Pritmani 

Kickboxing   Muaythai   Self Defence

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kickboxing muaythai selfdefence
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   Need to stay in shape high energy workouts the hottest workout cardio killer

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A Martial Art & Sport of attack & defense Kickboxing is a popular fighting style that incorporates strikes with hands & feet . cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between competitors kickboxing its a cardio vascular workout done because of its many benefits to body .flexibility is key it is very important to stretch and get your kick where you want . stance , balance , foot work is very important .

Classes are always creative and enjoyable allowing you to reach an intensity that you never realised you were capable off .A range of moves are practised in classes .

Kick Hit sweat with them

Kickboxing works your legs while punching works your upper body especially your arms builds muscle  endurance , target arms , shoulders , thighs & butt in one workout making for an effective total body workout the hour long class is pure energy from start to end.

kickboxing muaythai selfdefence
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