We have many members who have been with us for many years and we appreciate that .A serious student who puts in the required effort can expect to drastically improve its fitness level and ability .

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Even the greatest was once a beginner .

Sushmita Bagwe

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Kickboxing is a group of combat sports based on kicking & punching   .it is practices for self-defence ,a contact sport or for general fitness .As a cardio exercises its a excellent option even a hour of it makes you feel satisfied energetic & fresh. every class you improve one can actually notice the    change gradually every part of the body is worked on . its a very good option for people who need to learn self defence specially women . it focuses on weight loss & toning.Amit sir is a fantastic he will make sure your every move comes out to perfection and you keep improving and get tougher with every class, i have been practicing with him from past 9 months and loving every bit of it .

   Excuses dont burn calories Get in shape Boost confidence Feel great 

     Highy recommended workout for total body mind and fitness blast that  unwanted fat . Professional training sessions highly experienced . start at a  peaceful note  a positive supportive atmosphere to learn and grow .

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Partner drill helps to maintain good form increase speed decrease reaction time .

 kickboxing is a complete body workout , a form of self defence , a calorie burner , helps to tone & imp flexibility .Different forms are cardio kickboxing , Full contact kickboxing , semi contact kickboxing .its has physical as well as mental benefits . Basics punches &kicks of kickboxing jab , cross , uppercut , hook .straight kick , side kick , round house kick ,stance switch one upper arms , shoulders , chest while punching . equipments used pads , heavy bags , speed balls , shields .

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kickboxing muaythai selfdefence
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kicking & punching drills with focus pads are effective builders of muscle stamina .strength and conditioning fundamentals .

Fitness training camps for incredible weight loss and cardio

Fitness  martial arts

class combines elements of boxing , martial arts , aerobics

   Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques ,physical exercises & methods of mental    discipline .martial arts is used around world for self defence ,exercises health and competition .martial arts involve intellectual    concepts as well as physical techniques .there are many martial arts many of them as more similarities than differences ..kickboxing can be cosidered a hybird martial art formed from the combination of elements of various traditional styles .Never give up 

Realistic self Defense  .Self Defense - the protection of one's person or property against some injury attempted by other . Self Defense necessary in todays world of growing crimes .special training for self defence for women conducted by komal lalwani .workshops , seminars on women self defense for corporates & colleges .learn armed to unarmed attack , multiple opponent attack , grabs ,the most effective parts to hit etc . be alert be safe . visit our site  www.selfdefenceinmumbai.com


Different forms of kickboxing

cardio kickboxing in Mumbai

heart pumping cardio

Muaythaifitness & conditioning  art of eight limbs , hard form of martial arts ,one of oldest variant of martial arts . what was first exclusively about self defence eventually developed in to a sport .Goal of muaythai in real life is to defend against attacker .close combat that utilizes the entire body as weapon , in olden days considered to be battle field skill now regarded as a sport .very popular in thai countries .A great self defence tool  . in muaythai there is clinch many other styles kickboxing , boxing when fighters grab are separated elbow strikes also something that sets muaythai apart from other martial art styles .come learn clinching techniques , condition your shin ,kicks , elbow attacks and more. Muaythai has different styles muay chaiya , muay boran and many more there are some new styles also developed in recent times in Thailand . Thai boxing have enthusiasts & practioners in many countries all over the world

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kickboxing muaythai selfdefence
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