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 Art of eight limbs use of elbows and  knees to great use  emphasis on elbow techniques , hard form of martial arts  ,National sport  of Thailand ,very popular in thailand.  considered  to be battle field skill in oldden days now  regarded as a sport  . fun safe and easy to learn but takes years to master . muaythai - thai martial art


I am looking to get fit , learn self defence & to fight ?

Yes this will help you to get fit , learn self defence & learn fighting skills .

I want to fight or compete ? our experience is world class you will be trained in this taught ring skill and much more .

I have learnt martial arts before we help you to build up on your past experiences.no matter which ever art you learnt in past .


fitness happens at every size 

challenging workouts  , Beat gym Boredrom 

Train and fight hard enjoy your journey !

workshops / seminars 

 Progress at your pace everyone has their own abilities and pace in which they learn .  we only expect you to do the best you can . we  train in high intensity aerobic kickboxing workout and core workout , muscle building workout increase muscle endurance strength & power , speed & timing , flexibility , focus , control ,  srengthening core . you dont have to be a super athlete to train with us . we offer certification & non certification progs .  No mobile  phones pls during workout .

Happy Diwali 2021 


kickboxing muaythai selfdefence
c/o st peters pre primary opp stanislaus school hill road bandra w mumbai, maharashtra 400050 IN
Phone: 9869036872 Website: http://www.amitlalwaniskickboxingacademy.com

at santacruz studio

Give kickboxing a hand & make someone think twice before even laying a finger on you .

company workshop

EX Mayor of Mumbai Snehal Ambekarji

well equipprd & maintained with latest equipments of international standards .              No Martial arts background required

Necessary in todays world of growing crimes Be alert Be safe !  self protection , Develop skills to actually defend yourself , realistic self defence safety & strength . sp prog for women self defence .


certification courses 


​​Erase Arm Flab       

lower body workouts for toning 

​​​Its not just about fighting or getting into ring          

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Energizes , Sharpened Awarness , Better focus 


               Limited batch size l                                                                        No dress code                                             Certificate given

   Each technique explained & demonstrated  in detail                                                         


Dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals               Fun Safe Easy  & effective way to get in shape                 Great benefits

Fitness is not a destination its way of life                                                                                                                                            Dynamic Games 

Kickboxing tailored made programs to suit your individual company needs .

keep fitin this day & age we all know importance of fitness and self defence .

Did you know ?  Research has shown that people who exercise on work days before or after work suffer less stress , feel happier & are more productive than on days where they do not work out .

For Schools  special progs for school students - our school  children program focusses on coordination ,balance ,confidence , team work , discipline , & introducing healthy livin & a healthy live style .

For companies & Individuals  Aerobic or cardio kickboxing for fitness & combat kickboxing , women self defence & self awareness prog  , a combination  workout kickboxing 7 muaythai , martial arts prog , military type training prog .


           Faq  ?   Frequently Asked questions   Tips for Beginners  Know Before you Go !

Know Before You Go 

Come out & join as you are , you don't need to worry about getting into shape to start kickboxing .

What do i need to wear for class ? do i need to buy a uniform .

something comfortable t - shirt , track pants , shorts loose clothing .bottle of water & towel .

keep your self hydrated. we provide hand wraps . 

I haven't worked out for for a while & never done kickboxing ?

one goes at own pace , with freshers extra care is taken & more attention is given , freshers are welcome .

Will i get punched or kicked ? 

No you will not be put into any fight or placed in any position where you get hit ,if you want to do that you'll

have to train for sometime before you get ready .

How often are these classes ? how many classes can i come to ?

 Some center it happens 2 times a week and at some 3 times a week . you can do as many classes as you wish .

How long is the class 1 session ?

1 session is for 1 hr max 1 hr 15 mins .Do not over do on day 1.

Stance is the starting position for all movement , a proper stance allows for strong and effortless movement .

foot position , abdominal tension and hip position , arm position , head position , movement in stance.

Avoid heavy foods before class . Eat right .if weight loss in your goal look for right diet , diet and exercise go hand in hand 

Warm up &post workout streching very important for the comfort & protection of muscles ,streching before workout is also equally important

so that body is lose enough to move without causing discomfort & tightness .readying the muscles for vigorous workout by increasing blood flow 

to the muscles is the purpose of warm up . if u strech with a partner be sure your partner does not injure you by holding strech longer than you want .

The more serious you are the more fun it becomes .

Its always advisable to consult a doctor before beginning a new sport if you have suffered from any chronic disease .

There is no obligation to do anything you not  yet comfortable doing there is plenty of time to do it

kickboxing muaythai selfdefence
71 jasmet vithal nagar society road no 12 jvpd scheme juhumumbai, maharashtra400049IN
Phone: 9869036872 Website: http://www.amitlalwaniskickboxingacademy.com